Independent Share

Musical Relaxation Station

Breathe deep, de-stress, relax, kick back and enjoy some peaceful music. Let the music take you to a place that you can chill and recharge your whole being. I'll be spinning some ambient space music, along with other peaceful guitar, piano and orchestral pieces that bring you into The Relaxation Space. Drop by The Musical Relaxation Station on Facebook and like our page and look for upcoming show times.


Progressive rock in all it's forms, from bluesy, folksy to metal and jazz fusion. Come take a journey. I'll supply the trip.

Dave's Space Place

Music that will help to relax and groove you while you kick back and take in the Dave's Space Place beats from artists like Bassic, Sizzlebird, Spacekat, Enigma, Deep Forest, Steven Swinford, Martin Tillman, Loreena McKennitt and many more. Kick back and let me take you on a ride that will fill your day with some relaxation.

Epic Music Radio

A place to come for Epic Trailer and Soundtrack Music with spots of wisdom interspersed throughout the show. Uplifting, exciting, epic, adventure, motivating and deeply emotional and spiritual connection to music as a whole. This show is intended to bring some inspiration to your life.

Guilty Pleasures

All of my musical guilty pleasures in one show. Some artists are from the Indenpendent Share show as well. Most of these are just some fun songs that means something to me.

Melodic Rock Radio

Melodic Rock consists of AOR that spans the Hard Rock to Metal genres. Mostly determined by great hooks in the chorus, killer guitars and excellent harmonies.